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Oh No!!

2007-12-29 16:17:42 by tail3736

Clocks of the holy B DIED!!! >:~(
I am mad (no duh)
Ive scatched the Idea, and started obituaries, hope you like it!

Clocks of the Holy B!

2007-10-20 10:16:14 by tail3736

My new movie coming soon,clocks of the holy B part 1, is almost complete!
Refining begins tomorow!
It is about a small group of clocks who go on a quest to find The Holy B after lord strawberryclock's castle is attacked by worshipperrs of fire_emblemclock, who wants to bring KY10 back to life! :-B

to kronzo productions!

2007-09-09 14:00:02 by tail3736

see kronzo production and friends in the coming soon in
The War Part 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!